The Becoming Podcast – Season 5; Episode 5: Mimi Young on intuition, animacy + collaborating with Mystery during transformative times

Jul 26, 2023

Hello beautiful ones!  I am so excited to bring you this month’s episode of The Becoming Podcast with Mimi Young.

Mimi Young is a Taiwanese Canadian animist spirit medium and the founder of Ceremonie, an esoteric brand focused on conversations around greater intuition and creativity, animism, and realigning with our deeper purpose. Mimi works at the intersection of animism and wu shamanism, practical magick, tea kinship, and other Chinese mystic practices to communicate with the Unseen, offering private readings, education and mentorship, and made-to-order skin and aura care. Mimi has held space globally in her Mystery Mentorship program and retreats, as well as collaboratively with brands including Goop, Almost 30, Spirit House Collective, and Tokyo Smoke. She currently holds an online coven space, Homing Coven, open to all who desire to walk closely with the Seen and Unseen. 


Here’s some of what Mimi and I talk about in this episode:

> Failure as a confrontation with death that ultimately makes us more human and divine

>  How to suspend your disbelief and follow your intuition in a hyper-rational world

>  Animism and working with tea as an ally

> How we clutch exogenous sources of intuition like tarot and astrology when we’re traversing the unknown, and what to do instead

>  How the wisdom of the 5 Chinese Elements can support us to thrive in liminal space

>  How motherhood sparked Mimi’s intuition – and how this plays out for so many mothers

>  The link between creativity and intuition, and the animacy and mystery of Creative Force

And so much more.  This was such a rich and wide-reaching conversation, and Mimi is so incredibly well-spoken and wise.  We had fun, too, and laughed a lot!  I hope you enjoy getting to know Mimi as much as I did in this episode.



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