I’m so glad you’re here.

If you are traversing the kind of life change that changes everything, 

I can help. 

Radical life transformation can turn your world upside down, but it’s also full of the potential to help you reconnect with who you are and what matters most.  Getting the right support makes all the difference. 

As a coach + doula, I have been holding space at the threshold of my clients’ rites of passage + other radical life transformations for over fifteen years. 

I offer individual, 1:1 support, and I facilitate group programs, rituals, circles, retreats + quests for women and mothers.

I am here to walk alongside you, helping you find your own internal compass and holding a brave space for your becoming.

Here’s how we can work together…

1:1 Support

Radical Transformation Coaching

Receive powerful professional coaching support as you traverse a time of radical transformation in your life.  Women I’ve worked with have made massive career changes, stepped into powerful new leadership roles, started creative projects, embarked on healing journeys, and navigated major relationship shifts, to name a few.

My coaching methodology is rooted in a four-part transformation process that is both evidence-based and magical, in equal measure. When we work together, you will cycle between diving into deep inner work and alchemizing tangible, radical change. Our sessions will be interwoven with ritual, self-care, and embodied + experiential learning.

You don’t have to do this alone.

I continue to provide birth support to a few special repeat clients, referrals and those who have strong and specific preferences for radically autonomous, empowered births.  You can find out more about my support here.



MotherSHIFT is a 12-week program that supports women through matrescence, or the transition to motherhood. This is the kind of postpartum support you’ll need when your doula has packed up her magic Mary Poppins bag and the neighbours have stopped delivering casseroles. This is not about learning to change diapers and make really good coffee:  this is about becoming a different person than you were before.  You’ll be supported to fully embody motherhood with intimate group coaching + mentorship, transformative practices + rituals, and an amazing community of likehearted mothers.


The Village

The Village is a 6-month matrescence apprenticeship program for postpartum professionals + others fiercely committed to maternal wellness.  The mothers being born today are suffering, and it’s time to recreate the Village that they need to support them.  But first we must apprentice ourselves to the art and science of mothering the mother.  The Village will teach you the research-backed, practitioner-proven map to the as-yet uncharted territory of matrescence.  Through mentorship, coaching, and Village circles interwoven with personal reflection and practice, this program will allow you to deepen your capacity as a guide and mentor for new mamas.


I also sometimes host retreats and wilderness quests for women and mothers.


Stay tuned to find out more!


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