Who Me? An Adventurer? Thoughts on Flexing Your Courage

Sep 24, 2015

Who Me? An Adventurer? | www.nalumana.com

Yes, you.

The concept of adventure seems to have become fraught, in our culture of extremism (to say nothing of our recording and sharing of said extremism), with exclusivity.  Though I’ll give due credit to those that require a solid dose of bravery, many adventures require nothing more than some fancy equipment (think scuba diving: fancy equipment plus knowing how to breathe, which is something I’m guessing you’ve mastered).

Bravery, though, is a currency also assumed to be allotted to the exclusive few who can work up the nerve to jump out of a plane, or travel to foreign lands.

What is bravery, though, but the ability to traverse into the unknown?  Just as you might not know what it feels like to hurtle through the atmosphere, the wind spreading your cheeks into an alarmed grin, and whether your parachute will deploy correctly, you also don’t know what will happen when you try running for the first time, make a croquembouche, or go into labour.  

If you have ever had the courage to get up close and personal with your own vulnerability, then I would argue wholeheartedly that you are, indeed, an adventurer.  And here’s the kicker:  the courage you need to whip up a fancy French dessert is the same courage it takes to travel to India with nothing but a backpack.  It comes from the same place; your courage is not inferior to that of the people whose bravery you admire.  Courage is merely a muscle to be flexed:  the more you call on it to serve your adventurous inclinations, the bigger it gets.

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