What’s Happening to Me? A helpful resource for grown-ass women

Sep 11, 2018


Maybe I’m dating myself here,

but I have a distinct memory of a book that unearthed itself in my tween years.

It was called “What’s Happening to Me?” 

and, of course, it was all about puberty.


In my work with women over the past few years, I’ve noticed that their experiences of the biggest changes in their lives – the changes that cause them to really stop and think about who they are, what matters most, and what they want for their lives – often follow a really similar pattern.  


I’ve been playing with these ideas for quite some time, asking a lot of questions, and doing a lot of research

and I wanted to share what I’ve found with you.


My hope is that you might see yourself in this description, and maybe feel a little bit more grounded.  A little more normal, perhaps, for what it’s worth.  Perhaps a little more self-aware, self-compassionate, or ready, in some way, for what’s next.

You know, kind of like “What’s Happening to Me,” but for grown-ass women…