What would happen if you stopped believing….

Nov 27, 2018


To follow up on last week’s post, I offer you this….


What would happen if you stopped believing


All your stories of not-enough





not enough




– even –

Not enough self-care.  Not enough self-compassion.  Not enough positivity.


What if you stopped believing all your stories about


how perfect

or imperfect


and everything



And what if you stopped believing all the stories that tell you


that you would be more

if only you would do more

and that more is something you actually desire.


What if you stopped believing the stories that have you convinced that you are


broken in any way

– pathologized –

because of your sadness, because of your indecision, because of your joy, because of your flesh or your heart and all the other things

that might not actually be a problem at all.


What if

by abandoning those stories

– a smoking pile of untruths in your wake

you could belong more fully to yourself

and belong yourself more fully to the rest of us wild and flawed citizens of the world

we who are stepping into the tentative freedom

of singing our rebel songs

and writing our own stories

– the poetry of our wild and flawed lives

a lighthouse

for the tidal wave of a humanity

finally waking up to itself.