Walking Home

Nov 28, 2017

Some of us are trying to remember

how we like our eggs


and the kind of music we used to love to dance to

and the clothes we liked to wear before our closets filled with Slacks and Sensible Shoes.

And sometimes, in the midst of all those runny yolks and Ani Difranco riffs and bangles

we find Her.


Others of us are making sense of who we are

when we aren’t what we do


what we accomplish

when we aren’t the fulfillment of our next goal.

And sometimes, we find a way to look in the mirror and see a woman unadorned with the ornaments of striving

and in seeing Her

we coax her out from where she’s been hiding

holding her joy tightly in her arms

and waiting for us to come and find her.


Some of us are leading with our hearts


blazing along our path

and need, every so often,

to fall softly into a sister’s arms and touch courage

the strength that’s needed to


the kind of woman

who knows how she likes her eggs

dances anyway

(shaking her bangles)

forges a new way of being in the world

and in doing so, forges a new world altogether.


We’re all, in one way or another, looking for

a home within ourselves.

and at the same time

we’re all just walking each other home.**



**quote by Ram Dass.