Third-Life Alignment: The Infographic

Jul 25, 2016

The Third-Life Alignment Process

The last six months have found me totally immersed in my work with women going through their Third-Life Alignment


Pattern-recognition is a bit of a superpower of mine, and so you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover that so many of the people I coach with and support in birth are going through very much the same experience.  In my past life as a qualitative researcher, I would have given my right arm for such clear-cut, consistently consistent data around people’s experiences.

If you’re new to my work around the Alignment process, have a look at these two articles, which really outline the process in detail.  I wanted to create this infographic to describe the process visually, and to share a couple of developing patterns that I’m noticing as I continue my work.

It begins with a catalyzing moment or circumstance (like becoming a mother, feeling career disillusionment, or navigating health challenges, for example).  This triggers a cascade of Big Questions that revolve around the Biggest Question:  “Who Am I?”

You see, fundamentally, the Third-Life Alignment is a re-alignment, a rediscovery of identity.


As women go through the Assessment, Exploration and Courage / Surrender phases, they find themselves doing things that both create the change they desire in their lives and integrate that change.  This is where the pieces around self-care, balance, sharing their transition with family and friends, tapping into intuition and location a supportive community come in.

When women’s lives are more in alignment with their values, desired ways of being in the world, and potential, they have a distinct sense of Becoming Who They Are.

Do elements of this process resonate with you?  What changes are you experiencing in your life right now?