The part of goal setting everyone overlooks

Jan 3, 2017



Here we are again…it’s hard not to get swept up in the hype of the transition into a New Year.

Perhaps you’re not a resolution-setter.  Perhaps you’re not even much of a goal-setter at all.

If you’re like me, you much prefer the word intention:  no less powerful and get with so much more give and take for failure and learning.

Perhaps also, September is your new January.

(I hear ya)

But nevertheless, as you’re scanning social media this week, you’re bound to be caught up, captivated at least a little, in the grandiose actions that others are taking.  No sugar / green juice, No screen time / more books, No alcohol / more piety, you know.  

But there’s one thing people often miss when they’re striving.


Striving cannot result in success unless it is matched by spaciousness.


Spaciousness is the yin to striving’s yang.

It’s the counterbalance.  The layer of care-taking and silence that

even though it may seem, at the time, to stop your striving – all your progress toward your big dreams – in its tracks

it is actually where all the action happens.


(you thought your to-do lists, your late nights and your hustle were what it took to make this happen, didn’t you?)

Spaciousness is


that moment, in the shower, when you’re shampooing your hair and the sound of the water has just begun to erase your logical thought process…and a brilliant idea tumbles over you.

taking a long walk in the woods and allowing the trees to hear your thoughts, the rocks to absorb your worries.

unplugging for the weekend so the squeals of your children are more thrilling than annoying.

looking out windows

nursing giant cups of tea

not just hearing silence but being silence

staring into roaring fires

knitting / painting / doodling



How can you build spaciousness into your life as a way to support your striving this year?