The Becoming Podcast, MotherSHIFT Edition: Ep. 03 – Amy Schwartz on empowered birth, ecofeminism + adventure

Sep 13, 2019


Welcome to the 3rd episode of the MotherSHIFT edition of The Becoming Podcast!


In this episode, I have the great pleasure of chatting with my friend and co-founder of Unleash Surf, Amy Schwartz.


Amy is the loyal but mischievous friend who convinced you to go nightswimming, sing in math class, eat too many mangoes, tell the whole truth, start the dance floor, stand up for justice, show some love and take the plane rather than the job. Her secret-not-secret passion is finding herself at home everywhere: from a 43 ft sailboat en route from Cape-Town to Florida, to the local matriarch’s front lawn on Easter Island, a first-edition VW bus in Argentine Patagonia, a raft on the Karnali river in Nepal, a bike in the Peruvian Amazon, her hammock-tent on a Mozambiqe beach, next to more surf-breaks than she cares.  Before launching UnleashSurf  – a remote-working and travel experience for surfers with wanderlust, Amy was a specialist in creating healthy and active places that you’d like to linger in, developing government policy for community-led renewable energy, running the Nova Scotia Sea School and guiding outdoor adventures. She’s gotten accolades as an Agent of Change by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and her founder story has been featured in fantastic publications like Forbes, Inc and Cooler Mag. She grew up on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Okay, so now you know how amazing Amy is…which sheds a whole new light on this conversation, where she talks about birth, matrescence and motherhood as one of the most empowering experiences of her life.

In this episode, Amy and I talk about how important birth is to shaping how we experience early motherhood, and our conversation weaves in elements of how ecofeminism relates to mothering, and what it’s like to be an adventure mama.


You can find out more about Amy’s company, Unleash Surf, right here.  And follow them on Instagram for a seriously inspiring glimpse into the life of surfer entrepreneurs.


I hope you enjoy this episode!



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