The Becoming Podcast, MotherSHIFT Edition: Ep. 02 – Estelle Thomson on motherhood, creativity, earth connection, ritual + grief

Sep 6, 2019


Welcome to the 2nd episode of the MotherSHIFT edition of The Becoming Podcast!


In this episode, I talk with one of my favourite mamas, and the sparkliest human I know, Estelle Thomson.


Estelle is a Québec born, Nova Scotia living Yoga Teacher + Visual Artist +Author and Grief Activist. Muse-fairy and self-proclaimed magician, she is known as an uplifting teacher who is skilled in bringing intention, stories and truth telling. Critical to all her art and yoga offerings is the underlying philosophy that you possess magic powers. That you get to be the influencer of your own life. That if you dare to face the dark stuff, you get to harness the good stuff. In that way, you get to step into your own power for good.

Estelle has some serious wisdom around the topic of motherhood.  She’s a mama, teaches pre- and post-natal yoga, and has created some beautiful art and oracle decks for mothers.  After the loss of her son, Tommy, she is also a voice for grieving mamas, and for the little griefs of everyday motherhood.

In this episode, Estelle and I talk about literally everything.  I swear, this lady and I share a brain, in so many ways, and we get each other totally fired up whenever we get together.

We dive into motherhood and how matrescence, or the process of becoming a mother, changes everything; we talk about the burst of creativity so many women (including her) have when they become mothers.  We also talk about the value of ritual and earth connection in sustaining a sense of self-care and identity in motherhood.


You can find out more about Estelle and her work over here. You can follow her seriously inspiring Instagram account right here.  And until then…


I hope you enjoy this episode!



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