What phase of life
transition are you in?

Life transitions can turn your world upside down, but they’re also full of the potential to help you reconnect with who you are and what matters most.


Getting the right support makes all the difference. 

Hi, I’m Jessie.


After spending over fifteen years supporting women through the kinds of life changes that change everything, I created the Four Elements Model of Radical Life Transformation.

It’s a map for traversing life transition that is deeply attuned to the complexities + realities that shape modern-day women’s lives.

Honestly?  It takes the “old, white, male psychologist-defined” version of how humans navigate change and says women (and most people with two feet and a heartbeat) do this differently.

So maybe you’re at the end of a career path. The beginning of motherhood. The end of a relationship. The beginning of menopause. The end of a way of feeling about your body, or of putting everyone else’s needs before your own, or of busy as a way of life.  The beginning of a new creative endeavour, leadership role, self-care practice or healing journey.


Let’s start with a map.


> When you take the Four Elements Quiz, you’ll learn what phase of life transition you’re in.

Tossing old-timey, linear concepts of life change out the window, the Four Elements model cycles through Earth, Water, Air and Fire, leaning on the wisdom of the elements to guide you toward exactly what you need right now.

After you complete the Quiz, you’ll receive a beautiful e-book customized for the phase of life transition you’re experiencing.  Inside, you’ll find specific, doable practices you can begin immediately to support yourself.

> You’ll also receive access to the 5-Day Radical Transformation Mini-Course, complete with videos and journal prompts for you to explore.  In less than twenty minutes a day for a week, you’ll be feeling better resourced for the journey you’re on.

> P.S.:  All of this is my gift to you.  

“I did the quiz and got air and as I was reading it, I started to get teary eyed.  It perfectly describes the space I’ve been in.”

- Meaghan M.

“Jessie, I took your quiz. The e-book you then sent me? Oh man, it took my breath away. Literally. You see, I am headed towards a big shift. I’ve been so lost and conflicted but after reading your ebook I felt found. I am in Air and I didn’t know it. I thought I was doing something wrong but really I am just in Air!!”

- Julianne D.

“Just did the quiz!  It’s so good!  I got Fire and I feel that soooooo deep down.  It might actually be the word for me for this year.”

- DeeDee M.

Ready to begin?