The Confidence in Identifying Your Metaskills

Feb 9, 2016

The Confidence in Knowing Your Metaskills |


Identifying your “metaskills” can be a game-changer when it comes to recognizing and valuing your own abilities.


Too often, we (as in, especially women), are stingy with giving ourselves due credit when we accomplish something great.  We also have a tendency to assume that our success at something won’t necessarily guarantee another success.  We may have run five marathons, and still can’t reign in the confidence to believe we can run a sixth.  

There is great power in taking the time to not only acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments, but to take that acknowledgement one step further by recognizing the metaskills we have or have developed in the process.

Here’s what a metaskill is:


Skill:  You taught yourself how to play guitar

Metaskill:  You are able to summon the resourcefulness and dedication to teach yourself something new.

Get it?  Here’s another one:


Skill:   You haul your butt to yoga every morning.  Every. Morning.

Metaskill:  You have the discipline it takes to commit to a practice that is good for your body and soul.

That feels good, eh?  Let’s do one more:


Skill:  You put your moody threenager to bed every night without screaming, thrashing, or pulling out your hair.

Metaskill:  You are a miracle-worker.

(I kid.  You are, but you are also a gentle, loving and patient parent).

It follows, then, that you could teach yourself how to make the perfect soufflé, start a meditation practice, or bring your kids grocery shopping.  That you could teach yourself Mandarin, train for a triathlon, or go on a family vacation to Peru.  And so it goes, until you feel like you could do anything.

What if you wrote down ten seemingly everyday things you’ve accomplished this week, or this month, and mustered up your sense of your own awesomeness to identify the metaskills that go along with them?

What if you made a practice of acknowledging how your skills and accomplishments contribute to your overall ability to do anything, with a bit of dedication/elbow grease/love?


Your turn:


Can you identify a metaskill that you’ve developed?  

What other, new (scary?) things might you be able to accomplish using that skill?