The Becoming Podcast – Season 6; Episode 6: Asha Frost on the medicine of transformative times, the miracle of rest, and being eldered by the living world

Jun 25, 2024

My friends!  I’m really excited to share this interview with the amazing Asha Frost.  We had such a beautiful conversation, and Asha has so much wisdom to share, and does so eloquently.

First, let me tell you a little bit about Asha.

Asha Frost is an Indigenous Medicine Woman, and the international best-selling author of You are the Medicine and The Sacred Medicine Oracle. She has guided thousands of people through profound and lasting transformation as a healer, homeopath and ceremonial guide and has become a prominent speaker in the field of Indigenous healing, garnering recognition on both local and international platforms.  Asha holds membership at Chippewas of Nawash First Nation and is a mama of two boys with whom she walks gently upon the earth. She loves sharing her Medicine in powerful ways through ceremonies, teachings, and speaking events. Through this work, she loves seeing people reclaim their roots, find
their healing wisdom, and rise into their power.


Here’s some of what Asha and I talk about in this episode:


> How Asha’s Lupus diagnosis was a threshold moment in her life that made it impossible to keep up with the demands of our modern, capitalist, patriarchal, white supremacist culture – and how she continues to practice slowing down.

> The relationship between worthiness and productivity, and the paradox that creativity and “success” often flourish after periods of meaningful rest.  As Asha so beautifully phrases, “miracles are born from rest.”

> Asha shares some of her experiences of her matrescence – her rite of passage into motherhood.

> The potential that transformative times in our lives offer to invite us to divest from and disrupt dominant culture.

> Elderhood and the elder medicine that lives in all of us, including our non-human kin.  Asha and I share our love of herons as elders, and gush over the beauty of her new Animal Elder deck.

> Cultural appropriation in the rites of passage space – and how, while it’s unacceptable, it comes from our collective desire for meaningful ritual and ceremony to mark these transformative times in our lives.



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Asha’s Website

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Asha’s first book, You Are The Medicine:  13 Moons of Indigenous Wisdom, Ancestral Connection and Animal Spirit Guidance

Asha’s deck, The Sacred Medicine Oracle

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I hope you enjoy this conversation, and that you feel as inspired by Asha’s words as I do!  Enjoy!

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