The Becoming Podcast – Season 6; Episode 4: Danielle Cohen on photography as a rite of passage and the medicine of being fully seen

May 7, 2024

Hello, friend!  I’m really excited to share my conversation with Danielle Cohen with you.  If you’re a mother, an entrepreneur, a multi-passionate human, or have ever been on either side of a camera, this episode is a must-listen.

First, let me tell you a little bit about Danielle.

Danielle Cohen is a visibility coach & professional photographer with a unique talent for helping others step into and offer their greatest work. Spanning two decades, her career includes work as a doula, healer, teacher, business consultant, publisher, art director, mentor, and photographer. Known for her keen insights, potent intuition, truth-telling, and her powerful approach to visibility & visuals, Danielle has photographed famous faces and the emerging stars who are forces for good in our world. Her photographs have been featured in magazines, on book covers, as well as on prominent websites, marketing campaigns, and online courses.

Here’s some of what Danielle and I talk about in this episode:

> Being a multi-passionate human and entrepreneur.  Honestly, if you’ve got a bio that reads a bit like Danielle’s or if you’re a coach / doula / author / wilderness quest guide like me, this conversation is going to make you feel so much less alone, and so well-supported.

> How photography helped Danielle heal some of the cultural messaging she received as a young mother

> How photography can play an important role in a rite of passage, especially because traversing a rite of passage well usually includes being witnessed in the transformation you’re navigating.

> How to ritualize photo shoots to allow them to offer the fullest visibility medicine they have the potential to offer

> Authenticity and performance in the context of photography and being visible – and how they’re not necessarily mutually exclusive

> The somatics of visibility and what happened to my body in my latest photoshoot

> And then, honestly?  Danielle offers an amazing mini-mastermind for any entrepreneur who’s visible in the world, especially through photographs.


This is SUCH a rich and wide-ranging conversation:  there literally is something in this episode for everyone.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Danielle and hearing her wisdom as much as I did!



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