The Becoming Podcast – Season 6; Episode 3: Glenda Goodrich on authenticity in midlife, creative rites of passage, wilderness questing + becoming your own spiritual authority

Apr 1, 2024

Hello, friend!  I’m delighted to share this month’s Becoming Podcast episode with you.  In it, I interview artist and fellow wilderness quester Glenda Goodrich. 

Glenda is an artist, art doula, SoulCollage® facilitator, writer, and convener of ceremony.  She brings together earth-based rituals, community gatherings, and creative expression in a search for new ways to show love for the Earth. 

Here’s some of what Glenda and I talk about in this episode:

> How creativity can support us during rites of passage and times of transition in our lives

> How Glenda embraced her own creativity in midlife after a powerful wilderness Quest experience, and how stepping into creativity can be a rite of passage unto itself

> The call that the midlife transition offers us to live more authentically 

> Glenda and I each share some powerful wilderness Quest stories, as well as some of the challenges entangled in embarking on the ritual of Quest

> What it is to become your own spiritual authority, and how that can be a journey that is both grief-filled and beautiful 

> What it means to create authentic, deeply meaningful ritual 



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Glenda’s Website

Glenda’s book, Solo Passage:  13 Quests, 13 Questions

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School of Lost Borders

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