The Becoming Podcast – Season 3; Episode 7: Lucy Pearce on creativity, motherhood and healing as rites of passage…and how we are never alone

Jul 27, 2021


Welcome to Season 3, Episode 7 of The Becoming Podcast!


I am really, really thrilled today to share this conversation with author, artist and publisher Lucy Pearce.

Lucy’s books, including Moods of Motherhood and Nautilus Award winners Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, and Creatrix: she who makes have shaped me, my work and my life in so many ways.  One of the common threads in this interview is how Lucy endeavours to write about and give language to the things that so many of us feel we are experiencing in isolation, not realizing that so much of what we are going through is actually a collective experience – and that we are never alone.

Lucy and I dive into the paradox of creativity in motherhood, how we can dismantle individualistic ways of approaching our healing, how we can lean into the cycles of nature to normalize the cycles in our lives, and the creative process as a rite of passage.  We finish our conversation with Lucy sharing a little bit about her new book, She of The Sea, which is about the mysterious pull of the sea and of water that washes over so many of us as we’re traversing changes in our lives.  I had full-body chills as she described this book – a sure sign that I will have to have Lucy back on the show to tell us even more about She of The Sea.

For now, though, I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.  We weave through so many important and fascinating topics, and Lucy’s wisdom shines throughout.



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