The Becoming Podcast – Season 3; Episode 1: Molly Mahar on becoming more yourself, reclaiming joy and telling the truth about your life

Jan 26, 2021


Welcome to Season 3, Episode 1 of The Becoming Podcast!


I am so very, very delighted to a) be back for Season 3 of The Becoming Podcast (woohoo!) and b) to be welcoming Molly Mahar on to the show today.

Molly is the founder of Stratejoy — an online community that has helped thousands of women reclaim joy and meaning in their world. She’s an entrepreneur, mama, and adventurer obsessed with taboo topics, designing personal experiments, and the power of sisterhood.  After surviving her own quarterlife crisis by quitting her dream job and embarking on a yearlong trip around the world, Molly has spent the last 9 years empowering other women to discover and LIVE their own version of success.  She helps her clients and community reconnect to their truth, refocus their efforts, and reclaim their joy via deep diving into 10 topics that are vital to our lives as modern women — Authenticity, Expectations, Body Love, Pleasure, Ritual, Creativity, Courage, Purpose, Power, + Abundance. The result? A thriving community of badass women who take their dreams (but not themselves) seriously, aren’t afraid to tell the truth, and understand that we all rise together.

So.  Molly is the first coach I ever followed, and then subsequently worked with, waaaaaayyyy back in the beginning of my days as a baby coach myself.  I’ve been loving following along with her work and her own personal journey ever since – I participate in her Holiday Council program every year, and I’m a featured author when she teaches Body Love in her Reclamation program.  So it was SO exciting to get to chat with Molly for this episode.  In our conversation, Molly and I dive right into a moment of full honesty and transparency, and then traverse through the question of authenticity and how social media impacts how we share our lives – or don’t.  We talk about what reclamation means to Molly, and she offers her thoughts on what it means to be more yourself in your day-to-day life.  We jam on the big intersection between my work and hers:  how living a life that is more authentic often necessitates us to make radical changes to our lives.  Finally, our conversation completes with a beautiful gift that Molly offered to all of us.  This episode is so fun, and listening to it is like hanging out with two girlfriends around the fire and talking about what really matters.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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