The Becoming Podcast – Season 2; Episode 9: Dee Montie on spiritual awakenings as rites of passage and how to tap into, trust, and be guided by your intuition

Oct 27, 2020


Welcome to the ninth episode of The Becoming Podcast!


I am so delighted to share with you today my interview with my friend Dee Montie.  Dee is an Intuitive Shamanic Healer who helps people connect with intuition and Spirit in honour of creating healing and balance. She currently offers private intuitive healing sessions, group healing circles, space healings, and mentorship trainings. Her work is intuitively driven, guided by Spirit, and balanced by earth-based energies and lighthearted humour.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Dee a few years ago, and our lives have interwoven in beautiful and surprising ways ever since.  We talk about Dee’s experience of a spiritual awakening, and how traversing that experience was a rite of passage for her.  She shares what it was like to have what I’ve been calling a “rite of the heart” – one of those changes to your life that changes everything on the inside (your mind, your perspective, your very soul) but very little on the outside (as Dee phrases it:  even though she felt her inner reality had totally shifted, she still wore jeans, had a husband and kid, and had to make breakfast in the morning).  Then we dive into the topic of intuition – how to hear it, how to trust it, and how to allow it to guide you in your life.

As I’m typing this, I feel like saying that Dee is “the people’s” shamanic healer.  As in, she does, indeed, wear jeans, does school pick up, and makes breakfast every morning.  She has a way of inviting us into the magic of the unseen and unknown that is incredibly down-to-earth and approachable.  I think you will love this conversation I have with her:  if you’re experiencing an inner transformation or spiritual awakening right now, this will help you feel a little less alone, and everyone listening will be inspired to explore and play with their intuition in a new way.



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