The Becoming Podcast – Season 2; Episode 7: Beth Berry on evolving through motherhood, mothering ourselves and reclaiming The Village

Aug 18, 2020



Welcome to episode seven of The Becoming Podcast.


All the mamas listening, this one is for you!  I’m delighted to share with you my conversation with Beth Berry from Revolution From Home. Beth is a life coach, small group and retreat facilitator, mother of four daughters and author of the recently published #1 Best Seller Motherwhelmed. Follow her journey at

I first learned of Beth and her work (and how many perspectives on modern-day mothering we share!) when I read her widely-shared article in Motherly, titled “In the absence of the village, mothers struggle most.”  Earlier this year, I got to be an advance reviewer of her book, Motherwhelmed, and I knew immediately I had to have her on the show – especially as I prepare to launch the 2020 season of the MotherSHIFT program.

Our conversation dips and dives through so many of the complex and nuanced realities of what it means to be a mother.  We talk about the loss of the village and the challenge of meeting the needs of ones’ children and oneself without the kind of support that that requires.  Beth shares about her time living with her family in Mexico, and the perspective she gained when she traded fast-paced motherhood for a simpler life with her kids.  We talk about evolving through motherhood, becoming a mother, or matrescence, as a rite of passage that is no longer celebrated and honoured, how motherhood asks us to mother ourselves (and how to begin doing that!) and how to begin to reclaim a new kind of “village” to support us as we traverse the journey of parenting.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!



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