The Becoming Podcast – Season 2; Episode 5: Leonie Dawson on creativity during radical transformation, big hairy audacious goals + soul care for uncertain times

Jun 23, 2020


Welcome to the fifth episode of The Becoming Podcast.


I am so (so!) thrilled to bring you this sparkling conversation with artist, mama and wildly successful entrepreneur Leonie Dawson.  I have been following Leonie for several years now, and she has always been a bright light in my inbox and social media feeds, offering beautiful art, wise words, and practical resources for living a soulful life.  (Also, I picked up my first SARK book when I was at the tender age of fifteen:  Leonie’s colourful, thoughtful way of helping us ask The Big Questions in our lives speaks right to my heart).

Our conversation was rich and covered a broad range of topics.  Leonie shared some of her story of becoming a mother, and how that was a challenging but catalyzing rite of passage in her life.  We talked about how relationships with loved ones and partners change when we change, and about how creativity has always been the way Leonie processes, metabolizes and copes with radical transformation in her life.  Leonie is the creator of a bestselling series of planners and goal books for women, and so we talked about the role of goals in facilitating change, and Leonie introduced me to the idea of the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (or BHAGs, as she so sagely puts it).  Our conversation meandered through the topics of self-care, the power of women’s circles and reclaiming ancestral skills.

Seriously, we talked about everything.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and learn as much from it as I did!



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