The Becoming Podcast – Season 2; Episode 3: Estelle Thomson on self-expression, colour, spirituality + fashion, and how style plays a part in our rites of passage

Apr 28, 2020


Welcome to the third episode of The Becoming Podcast.


In this episode I talk to one of the sparkliest humans I know, artist and yogi Estelle Thomson.  While Estelle and I have jammed on previous podcast episodes (both hers and mine) about grief, creativity and ritual, today’s conversation is a diversion from our usual.

Estelle is a (not so) secret lover of fashion, and so we talk about how radical transformation and rites of passage are so often accompanied by changes to our outer expressions of identity.  

You know what it looks like:  it’s the short haircut after having a baby, it’s the new business casual slacks when you start a new job (or burning said business casual slacks when you decide that the 9-5 is just not your style).  It’s the black we wear when someone we love has passed away, the way we adorn ourselves for weddings (or divorce parties).

This conversation was even more lively and even more informative than I ever could have imagined, as Estelle and I talk about using colour as spiritual expression, and how we can become more ourselves when we look more ourselves.  

Read that twice.  I know I’ve definitely been thinking about it a lot, and since our conversation I’ve been carefully selecting colours that allow me to feel the way I want to feel (and also getting dressed even though, these days, a great many of us have nowhere to go that requires us to wear anything other than pyjamas…)

This is a truly fun, juicy and light-hearted conversation with lots of food for thought and some excellent practical advice.  I hope it’s just the thing you need right now.



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Show Notes…



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Estelle’s Style Prompts:


Does this outfit makes me thrive?

Does this outfit makes me feel like myself?

Who’s calling the shots?

Do I want to pull this off?

Lean into the belief that clothing can help you live your best life!



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