The Becoming Podcast – Season 2; Episode 2: The Becoming Podcast | Season 2; Episode 2 | Kathy Washburn on healing from cancer, post-traumatic growth + reclaiming embodiment, creativity and sexuality

Mar 18, 2020


Welcome to the second episode of The Becoming Podcast.


In this episode I talk to Kathy Washburn, coach, cancer survivor, and founder of Carved By Cancer.  We talk about the catalyzing moments that reshape your life, and what it’s like when the rest of your life doesn’t change along with you.  Kathy talks about post-traumatic growth and how our sense of embodiment, sexuality and creativity is an integral part of any transformative healing process.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Kathy when we both attended a Narrative Healing retreat at the Kripalu Institute in June 2019.  We had a brief but powerful conversation that solidifed for me a shift that I was contemplating in my work, and when I dreamed up the idea of this podcast, Kathy was the first person that popped into my mind as I was considering who I might have as guests.  I know you will love this interview:  Kathy is warm and well-researched; my favourite combination.



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Show Notes…


Check out Kathy’s website here


Find out more about Kathy’s Program, A Healing Path After Cancer


Find Carved By Cancer on Instagram


Fire Woman – by Amy Jo Goddard


Sensate Focus Practice Worksheet – Jesper Bay-Henson


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