The Becoming Podcast – Season 2; Episode 10: Sharon Blackie on redefining our cultural mythology, the Eco-Heroine’s Journey, and reclaiming women’s rites of passage

Dec 1, 2020


Welcome to the tenth episode of The Becoming Podcast!


I am so unbelievably excited to bring to you the final episode of the first full season of The Becoming Podcast.  In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking to psychologist, mythologist and author Sharon Blackie.

I first learned of Sharon’s work when a friend recommended her book If Women Rose Rooted.  For me, I feel as though I can almost define my life and my work into what it was before I read If Women Rose Rooted and what it evolved into after.  It was profoundly awakening for me.

(you can imagine how excited and nervous I was to have Sharon on the show!)

In this episode, Sharon and I talk about “falling out of myth,” when we question the cultural narrative that we’ve been indoctrinated to follow, the rite of passage of becoming what Sharon calls a “mythical misfit” who opts of out the overculture to follow a more authentic path, and how we mythical misfits drive the change our world so badly needs right now.  We spoke of the “Eco-Heroine’s Journey” and how connecting with the earth and place defines and supports our rites of passage, particularly as women.  Sharon shares wisdom about eldership, menopause, motherhood and women’s rage, and how to trust rather than deny the inherent power of our embodied rites of passage.  We dive into the importance of apprenticeship and liminal space in our process of becoming, and also how so many of us are what Sharon calls “cultural orphans” who need to remember our way back into belonging with our own lineage and ancestry.

This conversation was everything I hoped it would be and more:  it’s so incredibly rich and I literally cannot wait for you to listen, enjoy, and steep yourselves in Sharon’s wise words.



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