The Becoming Podcast – Season 2, Episode 1: Tracie Nichols on being a rebel crone, helping women share their wisdom with the world + connecting with the earth

Feb 18, 2020


I am so, so very delighted to bring you the very first official episode of The Becoming Podcast.


The idea for this podcast came to me just a few short weeks ago, really.  It was one of those ideas that just arrived in my brain, fully formed, one morning as I was writing my morning pages (the best source of inspiration, hands down!).  Even my guest list was fully laid out before me in my mind’s eye, like a creative red carpet with a marquee that read “Go!  Do it!”

Besides, over the last couple of years, I’ve been on approximately eleventy billion other podcasts, and I enjoy the heck out of it, so I figured it was time.



The Becoming Podcast is where we talk about modern-day rites of passage, radical transformation and other times of becoming in women’s lives…and how these times can be a catalyst to become more of who you are.



I’m thrilled to bring you my first guest, Tracie Nichols.  Tracie is a self-proclaimed Rebel Crone, and I was excited to have a conversation with her about a really important radical life transformation that women make as they “deepen in years,” as Tracie so poetically phrases it.  Though many of the women I tend to work with are entering or are deep in their “Mother” years (archetypically speaking, and not necessarily because they’ve borne children), the transition into Crone or eldership is no less radical.

Tracie and I are kindred spirits indeed, and we talk about the feeling that many women in my generation have of lacking elders or role models, about what it takes to fully transition into “Crone” (as opposed to just getting older), and how connection with the earth can support that transformation so beautifully.  Tracie has some incredible wisdom to share, and she shares it with the grace of a true poetess.  I know you will love this interview, and it will give you an entirely different perspective on what might be possible as we grow in age.



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Show Notes….

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