Sometimes I forget…

Oct 4, 2016

Sometimes I forget... |


Sometimes I forget…


…that I have a son whose age I still refer to in “months.”  Not because I’m one of those mamas who says “I have a 72-month old,” but because I actually only very recently carried and birthed a wee baby into the world.

…that by definition, then, my life is a bit misaligned.  Not because there’s anything “wrong” or “to be fixed” about it at all, but because I am in a season of my life that precludes or limits aspects of myself and my identity that I dearly miss, but I know will return.

…that I have a “brand new business” and a “brand new occupation” that was actually many, many, many years in the making…perhaps my entire life in the making.  That it’s not going anywhere, even if I don’t open my computer to check my email or post online tonight.

…to be my own best client.  To be gentle on myself as I transition to motherhood again, to take time to do the things that give me energy, to make s-p-a-c-e for myself, my creativity, and my soul.

Sometimes I forget to be kind to myself.  To respect myself.  To allow myself.  To honour myself.


Because even when it’s messy and hard, tiring and sad, I’ve got both feet in beautiful muck of it all, and I’m living the biggest life I can, the best I know how.