Sacred Pregnancy Retreats 





Sacred Pregnancy Retreats are for women who know that having a baby is one of the biggest life transitions they will ever undergo, and that becoming a mother – whether for the first time or the fourth – will change their lives and rock their worlds.

These retreats are for women who want to prepare for birth + motherhood in ways other than just pre-washing the onesies and having a baby shower.

Sacred Pregnancy is about deeply exploring and honouring your transition to motherhood and what it means for you.

It’s about holding space for all the complex and challenging and awe-some feelings you feel as you birth and mother your little one.

“This retreat truly changed how I feel about pregnancy, birth and motherhood.”


How do I know this retreat is for me?


 Maybe you feel like because you’re already doing prenatal classes, you’re already prepared.

If this retreat were anything like any of the birth preparation currently available to women, I wouldn’t be offering it. 

This isn’t about learning about physiologic birth or breastfeeding 101, this is about you becoming someone different than you were before: a mother; a mother of more than one child; a different woman.

What will I experience at the retreat?

The Sacred Pregnancy Retreat is a three-day immersion into the deepest kind of prenatal preparation you can do.

We will gather on Friday evening at our beautiful location, a restored farmhouse in a sleepy little surf town just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where a nourishing dinner will be cooking in the kitchen while you unpack your bags and settle in.

We begin with an opening ceremony and an introduction into creating rituals to support your pregnancy and birth.  You will create your first piece of birth art and get to know the intimate group of women you’ll spend the weekend with before tucking yourself into your cozy bed for the deepest sleep you’ve had in months.

“The Sacred Pregnancy retreat helped me feel more connected to my pregnancy, strengthened my bond with my baby, gave me confidence in my body’s capacity, and helped me focus on what’s truly important in pregnancy and in the postpartum period. I loved the creative exercises, the quiet reflection time, and the open, safe discussions with other mamas. And the wonderful food and peaceful setting just topped it all off.”

- Anne

“I feel the content is great for both first time and beyond mamas, as there’s such an opportunity to explore how we feel – something missed in most first-time pregnancies. I loved this weekend. It brought out feelings I didn’t know were there, which surprised me because I thought I had a good idea of my thoughts/fears/hopes etc… So perfect to spend time 100% focused on me and my pregnancy, birth and motherhood without guilt or judgement. Thank you, thank you!”

- Andrea

The next two days will find you exploring…

> your expectations + hopes for pregnancy, birth and motherhood

> your changing relationship with your body

> how motherhood shifts your relationships with your family, friends + loved ones, and the art of building a community of likeminded mothers

> the fears about birth and motherhood that you are carrying, and a fire ceremony to help you release these

> how to tend to yourself and your needs as you transition into motherhood

Your retreat experience includes…

> lush lakeside accommodations

> thoughtfully curated homemade meals, snacks and unlimited tea and coffee

> all supplies to create several pieces of birth art to support your pregnancy, birth + postpartum

> three days of support and education from a professional doula with over fifteen years of experience

> a beautiful take-home gift including a pregnancy journal, sweet treats, printed resources, and other surprises

You’ll also have plenty of time to ask me anything you want to know about pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  Consider this an opportunity to experience a birth preparation class tailored especially for you.  We can talk about what’s on your mind, whether that’s your options for your birth, how breastfeeding works, or my best tips for ensuring a smooth and joyful postpartum period.

You will eat nourishing, homemade food, have time and space to wander through the forest, create beautiful birth art to take home with you, curl up with a good book, and connect with other mamas-to-be.

The weekend will be fun and exhiliarating, peaceful and reaffirming, and will leave you feeling deeply connected to your baby and your community of fellow mothers.

Your Investment


private room with queen bed:  $950

semi-private room with 2 queen beds :  $850

dorm-style room with 1 double + 3 twin beds:  $800

non-refundable $300 deposit due upon registration

payment plans absolutely available.

“As a first time mom, the retreat helped me understand my fears and expectations and how to work with them in a positive way.  Spending the weekend with other woman in a casual and relaxed setting was perfect.  Jessie does an amazing job a bringing in art, discussion, yoga, nourishing food and wisdom from her experience and creating the space for other women to share their wisdom.  I would highly recommend this to any pregnant woman!”

- Amanda

“This was the best thing that I did during my last pregnancy. Pregnant with my second child after 6 years, I was able to process so many of feelings that had surfaced from my past birth experience. Even outside of pregnancy and birth, I still use some of the tools provided by Jessie from the retreat in my day to day life. I can’t recommend it enough!”

- Danielle

More About Me


 I have been a doula, coach and breastfeeding educator for over fifteen years.

I have often felt that the average prenatal preparation class is deeply lacking in the kind of self-discovery and support for identity shift that is truly needed to help women transition into motherhood fully, wholeheartedly, and joyfully.  This retreat allows me to offer that to birthing women and I have seen them thrive as a result.

Motherhood is an identity shift, and nothing less.  I have made it my life’s work to support women through that experience.  I feel so honoured to be able to hold space for women who feel the calling of motherhood, and are ready to step into that new way of being.

When is the next retreat?


The next Sacred Pregnancy Retreat will be held in Spring 2024.

Please use the contact form to register or to ask any questions you may have.  Serious inquiries only; information about location, price and content are all answered on this webpage.