Rites of the Heart (and other invisible revolutions)

Oct 13, 2020



Not every radical life transformation comes with


a new job title

a baby

a new home

a presence or an absence that can be seen and felt

a visible change.


I call these rites of the heart.


They’re the times of deep change in our lives that are often invisible, and sometimes even unspoken.

They’re a change of heart, a change of mind, a change of spirit.


I believe that more and more women are experiencing rites of the heart – a powerful awakening to the call of their own souls that sometimes results in a trickle-down of tangible, visible changes,


but begins from the inside out.


Feeling different or knowing different or being different but not necessarily having something to “show” for all these radical internal shifts can often make it harder to navigate this type of life transformation.

Hidden transformation allows us to remain hidden, denying new truths lest they disrupt the lives we’ve built for ourselves and other peoples’ ideas of who we are.

Inner shift requires a different kind of vulnerability as we shed old skins and walk out into the world we’ve always known, which may be unchanged while we are tender and new.

Rites of the heart may shift our sense of belonging in the families and communities and relationships we once found our home within and call us to courageously communicate our becoming and renegotiate our identity among those with whom we surround ourselves.


Awakening is a bravehearted act.


If you are experiencing a rite of the heart right now,


know that you are not alone.


In fact

you are among the many

(so very, very many)



who are also awakening.

Who are saying

no more of that

more of this, please

You are among the many

(so very, very many)



whose rites of the heart

are becoming


a revolution.