Dec 5, 2017


At the risk of quoting this quote too many times…


“when a woman stops doing she must learn how to simply be”


Although you might not notice at all, in the flood of information and words and to-do’s that likely flies your way just as it does mine…

I wanted to tell you that I’m going to take some time away from blogging and social media this month.


I have a book to finish writing.  

I have a home to make 

and some tending to do.

Some knitting projects to get lost in 

and probably some TV

maybe a novel or three.

I’ve felt a bit like my creativity – which is delightfully and thankfully unstoppable – has been flowing haphazardly lately, leaking all over Instagram and keeping up with blog posts.  I’m ready to take some time to focus that energy differently.


And so, I’m wishing you all a restful holiday season.  I’ll see you soon.