Radical Transfomation Coaching

Radical life transformation can turn your world upside down, but it’s also full of the potential to help you reconnect with who you are and what matters most.

Getting the right support makes all the difference.

Whether the transformation you’re experiencing is external or internal (and it’s often both), chosen or chosen-for-you, there are some life shifts that make you feel like you’re becoming a new person… 

…the end of a career path. The beginning of motherhood. The end of a relationship. The beginning of menopause. The end of a way of feeling about your body, or of putting everyone else’s needs before your own, or of busy as a way of life.  The beginning of a new creative endeavour, leadership role, self-care practice or healing journey.

You don’t have to do this alone.


In fact, you were never meant to.

If you lived in another time or place, you would have been supported by an entire village – and by midwives and elders and healers who knew, in their bones,  how to hold space for your transformation to unfold.

And so, know this:  it’s okay to ask for help.

Know this too:  I can help.


I am here to walk alongside you, helping you find your own internal compass and holding a brave space at the threshold of your becoming.

Women I’ve worked with have…

> made massive career changes;

> healed themselves from burnout and started sustainable self-care practices;

> stepped into powerful new leadership roles;

> made complex, life-changing decisions;

> started creative projects;

> healed – or ended – relationships and established healthier boundaries;

> reconnected with their authentic (witchy, weird, wonderful) selves;

> reclaimed a sense of self and purpose after debilitating illness;

> navigated fertility, pregnancy and early motherhood;

> dramatically shifted their relationship with their bodies.

Let’s do this differently.

I’m an INFJ Capricorn / Aquarius moon / Cancer rising.  Which basically means I’m a nerdy mystic – a witchy geek – with an incisive intuition and a rebellious streak.

And so it is that my coaching methodology is rooted in a four-part transformation process that is both evidence-based and magical, in equal measure. 

When we work together, you will cycle between diving into deep inner work and alchemizing tangible, radical change.

 Our sessions will be interwoven with ritual, self-care + creative practices, and embodied + experiential learning. 



…that my approach is evidence-based, trauma-informed, and rooted in thousands of hours of education, research and practice.

Any work that has the potency to be transformative also has the potency to cause harm.  And so it is that I hold my role in the highest integrity, and understand your trust in my guidance to be the most humbling honour one person can proffer another.


…that we are sitting around the fire together, or we’re curled up on the couch in my living room, or we’ve found a mossy perch in the woods.  I’ve gathered herbs for tea – nettle to help you sit with discomfort; rose for openheartedness; mint for clarity; honey to help you taste the sweetness along the way.  We begin with deep breaths and maybe some poetry, and we both know this is how magic gets made.

Want to know more about my coaching philosophy?

In my work over the past decade, if I have learned anything, it’s this:  women – and most humans with two feet and a heartbeat – navigate the process of life transition in a very unique way that has been previously unrecognized by most adult development theorists, psychologists and coaches.  Our lives shift within a complex ecosystem of roles and responsibilities that are often relying on us to stay the same, and those realities mean that change is often circuitous, many-faceted and gradual in a way that our modern capitalist, patriarchal culture overlooks.  My coaching approach is rooted in the Four Elements of Radical Transformation, an evidence-based model of life transition that I have developed to support women’s unique process of navigating change.


What every time of transformation allows us is an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourselves.  Our work together will focus on the inner narratives and unconscious agreements that are shaping your very identity – it’s a developmental approach to change that is not about crushing goals, Accountability Measures, To Do Lists, behaviour modification or mindset shifts.  In other words:  this is probably not the coaching you recognize as such from Instagram. My approach nurtures change through creating experiential learning opportunities – a safe space to try on a new identity. I believe that forcing new behaviours works for a while, but fundamental identity shift is what is needed to sustain transformation. It’s like changing from the inside-out.


My approach to coaching is equal parts intuitive and evidence-based, alchemical and methodical. To my coaching work, I bring philosophies and practices based in attachment theory, neuroscience, intuition, somatic and experiential learning, and complex adaptive systems theory.  My coaching style blends narrative, developmental, psychodynamic, and Gestalt methodologies, which is basically fancy-talk for: I believe your stories shape your life, and have been since you were a kid (even if you don’t realize it); that your life is complex and changing; that we start where you are, and experiment with what’s possible.


I am committed to bringing my whole self to every one of my client relationships, supporting the women I work with in a way that is fierce and kind, loving and unapologetic.


“Jessie’s gentle, no-nonsense approach was so refreshing. My life has been enriched by her true presence, her capacity for seeing clearly, her creative nature and her deep compassion. Our conversations left me feeling renewed and encouraged to live life to the fullest, with a new found sense of purpose.”

- Micheline

I was feeling really lost during one of the most important transitions of my life.  I knew that I could trust Jessie to understand that I needed something more than I could find anywhere else.  I really felt deeply seen and heard by Jessie through our work together, and feel a better sense of where I might be going in the next chapter of my life.”

- A.S.

Your Investment


$349 / month


We’ll have two 60-minute coaching calls per month.


For the duration of the time we work together, you’ll also receive access to Chrysalis, my online gathering space for women traversing radical life transformation. There, we have 3-4 circles and workshops a month to expand on + enrich the 1:1 work we’re doing together, all in the company of a welcoming group of likehearted others on a similar journey.


 Transformation isn’t linear, and it doesn’t happen on a timeline.  Our time together will match the pace of your unfolding, and is tailored to meet your needs.  For some clients this means one month of powerfully catalyzing sessions, and for others this means a year of rich, in-depth support.  Most people find that 3-6 months of coaching is exactly what they need to traverse transformations like the transition to motherhood, a new career, loss, a healing journey, menopause, relationship change, or recovering from burnout, for example.


“Receiving tailored coaching and guidance during this life-changing moment for me was a blessing.  Jessie is able to seize and analyze the situation pretty quickly and asks the right questions, even if they are hard, which in turn helped me re-evaluate what my priorities in life truly were.”

- Nathalie

“Getting to the nitty gritty of where my thoughts and heart are at through Jessie’s coaching has been amazing. She’s got a soul-opening, no-bullshit approach to figuring out how to transform your life.”

- Andrea

“Jessie created a haven of support for me as I explored the idea of transitioning into motherhood. She simply and generously held space when I cried and she helped me see where I could grow & change, holding me accountable when I shied away from the hard stuff. I would highly recommend Jessie’s support whether you are preparing for or currently experiencing a transition.”

- Kyle

Let’s get in touch!


 When you click the button, you’ll be sent to my online booking system to schedule a complementary, no obligation, half-hour connection call. This is your chance to share with me what you’re experiencing right now, and for me to share with you how I might be able to support you.  You get to use your intuition during this time to decide whether you feel we’d be a good fit.

More About Me


I know.  *Everyone* is a life coach these days.  And chances are, if you’re still scrolling down this page, you’re the kind of person who cares a lot about the integrity of the people you entrust to support you.  Here’s what you might want to know about me:

✔️ I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience and a Masters of Health Promotion with a focus in women’s health

✔️ My Masters research won awards and was published in several international peer-reviewed journals

✔️ I have in-depth, accredited coach trainings from the Centre for Narrative Coaching, The Art of Developmental Coaching and the Centre for Applied Neuroscience

✔️ I have been a birth doula + radical birth keeper for over fifteen years

✔️ I have amassed hundreds of coaching hours and thousands of teaching hours with thousands of clients over the last eight years

✔️ I have participated in hundreds of hours of continuing education, including grief support, ritual design, trauma-informed care and story-based trauma resolution, somatics, yoga, herbal medicine and energy healing.  You can find out more about my certifications + teachers here.

✔️ I cannot think of any greater honour than to support women through the most transformative experiences of their lives.  I fucking love my work, and I already love you – I can tell.


Want to explore further before you reach out? 

Take the quiz and find out what phase of life transition you’re in right now.

When you complete the quiz, you’ll receive a beautiful custom e-book and a 5-day mini-course based on your results.  This will give you insight into my approach + methodology, and offer you more information about whether working together is a good fit for you.