October: The #Flexyourcourage Challenge

Oct 1, 2015

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I wrote a blog last week about the idea of flexing your courage:  that courage is like a muscle, and the more you use it, the easier it becomes to call upon it when you need it.  So, if you make a practice of doing things that require a bit of bravery, when you want or need to do something that requires a lot of bravery, you’ll know you’ve got what it takes.

The neuroscientist in me would say that you’re training your brain to short-circuit an anxiety response when faced with something novel or a bit scary, and to build resilience by meeting fear with confidence and challenging limiting thoughts with hard proof that you can do it!

I’m so excited about this idea that I’ve decided to start a little movement:  The #flexyourcourage campaign is here to remind you to test your courage in small ways as often as you can, and to dig deep and find what it takes to tackle the things that scare you.

So here’s the challenge: #Flexyourcourage, and when you do, take a photo, add the #flexyourcourage hashtag and tag Nalumana Women’s Wellness.  For every #flexyourcourage photo, you’ll be entered to receive some amazing prizes (see below!).  To get another entry, *nominate a friend* by tagging them in your photo too!


Remember, it takes courage to jump out of a plane or speak in front of a huge audience, sure, but courage can be found in small acts, too, like signing up for a class or making a flan for your next dinner party.   

So what are the prizes, you’re wondering?  


One is a chance to #flexyourcourage with a 60 minute coaching session with me, along with a copy of the 7 Steps to a Bigger, Bolder Life.


The next prize may really #flexyourcourage:  it’s a boudoir photography session by Stephanie Lane Photography.  Steph is an awesome photographer who is growing her boudoir photography portfolio with astonishingly sexy shots of women feeling their boldest.

Stephanie Lane Photography | www.nalumana.com

Another lucky winner will receive a tee of their choice from Boss Of Me Tees, the new t-shirt company by amazing coach Jac McNeil.  Boss of Me Tees are super-soft,100% Canadian-made tees for women entrepreneurs & other free spirits.  I know I can’t wait to get my hands on one!  To find out more about the launch of the company and its products, visit the BOMTees website and sign up for their newsletter.

BOMtees | www.nalumana.com

I’ll be celebrating #flexyourcourage month in lots of other ways too, so stay tuned for…


Nalumana Outdoors Club on October 4th
 A talk that I’ll be giving at The Trail Shop on October 6th
All the weird and wonderful ways that I’ll be flexing my OWN courage this month