Introducing the MotherSHIFT Edition of The Becoming Podcast!

Aug 30, 2019


Here’s something a little different this month….


As I prepare to begin the third season of the MotherSHIFT program, I had an enormous creative urge to have conversations with some of my favourite mamas about what matrescence, or the transition to motherhood, looked like for them.  And so, in lieu of a blog post this month, I created a “capsule podcast” – a mini, 4-episode podcast to explore some of the topics we cover in MotherSHIFT, the program that supports women’s identity shift into motherhood.


Over the course of the next four weeks, join me and these amazing women, who are makers, creatives, business owners, self-care advocates, ecofeminists and all-around mighty humans, for conversations about what happened when they became mothers.


These conversations are open, honest and I know they will resonate deeply with so many of you.  And these are the exactly the kinds of conversations that make the MotherSHIFT program so special.  Every week of the program, we meet in a warm and open-hearted circle of likeminded mamas to share in our experiences and build the resilience and sense of community that helps all of us thrive.

It is my hope that these conversations support you in your own transition to motherhood, wherever you find yourself along that path. 


This week, the first week of the MotherSHIFT podcast, is a solo episode with yours truly, talking about the transition to motherhood.  In my perspective, this is more than just about learning how to change diapers and make really strong coffee:  the transition into Mother changes your very identity as a woman.

I hope you enjoy this episode!



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