How to Get in Touch with your Inner Wild Woman

Aug 9, 2016

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This might be the best part of my work.


Watching women get in touch with the wild woman within them, that is.


Whether they’re birthing a baby or reconnecting with their authentic selves after years of seeking external validation,

Seeing a woman find her wild

will never get old.

What does it mean to find your inner wild woman, you ask?


Well, here’s that I think:


It’s about moving to the music,

twirling from your heart, carefree.

It’s chocolate, warm shawls, bare feet and wildflowers.

It’s about connecting with your sisters,

reaching out before they even know how to ask for help.

It’s about noticing the moon.

Running your hands over the curve of your stomach and the flesh of your thighs

with more gratitude than remorse.

It’s saying what you need to say, what you want to say

speaking your truth

and allowing others to think that they want

while remaining unruffled.

At least most of the time.

It’s striking warrior pose in the woods by yourself

and also knowing when to seek earth.

It’s being kind to yourself.



It is quiet confidence, the broadness of your shoulders and the way a baby fits so perfectly into the groove of your hip.

It’s knowing what you need, what you want,

And asking for it.

It’s a deep relationship with your own beauty, truth and wisdom.

It’s believing in intuition

(yours especially)

(and maybe even magic).

It is wild, indeed, honouring that which is innate, instinctual, and animal about you.

And getting outside often enough to remember it.

It is knowing the legacy of your foresisters, and teaching the girls who will come after you.

It’s knowing that there is actually no “how” to getting in touch with your wild woman.

She is there, in you already, innately.  Asking for your attention, quietly waiting for your stillness,

so that she can be heard.