How to Create a Vision Board from Pinterest Pins: ‘Tis the Season!

Dec 10, 2015

‘Tis the season for thinking about your goals for the coming year!  Have you ever made a vision board?


The ever-popular notion of creating a vision board to visualize all my hopes and dreams for the year or a particular project was appealing, but all the magazine hoarding, sticky glue sticks and persnickety scissors definitely wasn’t up my alley.  Besides, all the visual images I loved the most were already scattered around my various and sundry Pinterest pinboards.

When I learned how to use PicMonkey, the photo editing software that I rely on for all of my post-processing, to make a vision board out of Pinterest pins, I was hooked.

(I may now have a vision board for just about every aspect of my life….)

All you have to do is click on the pins you love to bring them up full-size on your screen, and then right click to “save image as.”  Save them to your computer.  Then pull up PicMonkey, and on the top of the main screen you’ll see an option to create a collage.  Click that, and it will ask you to upload the photos you want to include (aka the Pinterest pins you just saved).  Once you choose your photos, they will show up on the left toolbar in PicMonkey.  You can choose the template for your collage and then drag and drop photos over into the template.  Once you’re happy with what you have, save it and voila!

Easy huh?

Your turn:


Have you ever created a vision board?  Did you enjoy the process?
Do you have a regular goat-setting ritual – vision board-related or otherwise?