Going from “noteworthy” to “I’m worthy”

Feb 16, 2016

Going from Noteworthy to I'm Worthy | www.nalumana.com

There’s a little bit of self-awareness that I’ve earned in my 30-odd years of being an introspective seeker/navel-gazer on this earth.  One of the things I’ve learned is that I have a fairly immense drive to be special.  To get the “gold star.”  To do things that are important, different, noteworthy.

And so it goes:  in the last ten years I’ve climbed a really big mountain, ran a marathon, played on a tackle football team, broke a long distance swimming record, got a graduate degree, started a business, dyed my hair pink (and then purple), and a host of other feats that satisfied my desire to feel exceptional.

To be noteworthy.


It’s infinitely more complicated than that.  It’s intrinsically linked to my personal history.

But lately I’ve wondered if I really need to be noteworthy.  Perhaps, just by doing the very regular, everyday things that make me happy, I can show myself and the world that I am worthy.

Just, simply, worthy.  Of praise and love and delight, all for the low, low price of being good enough.


Could you be *just* worthy, instead of noteworthy? Worthy of love, praise & delight, just for being good enough?