Creative Leaps

Jun 6, 2017

I’ve been painting lately.


Carefree watercolours dotted onto the page in a pool of paint-stained water,

Lines drawn with the tip of my paintbrush and outlined later with a sharp-pointed pen.

Though I spend just a couple of minutes per day on each painting I do, I find myself looking forward to those minutes, and losing myself and all understanding of linear time while my brush gently dabs and streaks the paper.

Reconnecting with my creativity was one of the fundamental shifts that happened when I started to find more alignment in my life.  Writing is my chosen craft, and when I made the space and time in my life to write every day, it quickly became one of my greatest joys.  My writing practice lured me with the same undeniable, gravitational force that alignment itself does.

I’ve noticed this pattern, generally, with other women I know going through a transition into alignment.  As they begin to rediscover themselves as women, they realize that they are, in fact, creative beings, and that they find great joy and authenticity in fostering that creativity.

I can’t help but think that this is inherently connected to our rediscovering and revaluing ourselves as women, that honouring our inherently feminine inclination to create is a part of our Rising Up.



How about you?  How has creativity played a part in your transition into alignment?


I have been painting as a part of taking part in the lovely Estelle Thomson’s 21 Days of Creative Leaps online course.  This round of 21 Days, which she hosts on a regular basis, is called “Feminine Magic,” and it is rocking my world.  Of course.  Rooted in Celtic and Hindu mythology, the Heroine’s Journey and the triple goddess, I’ve been painting in response to prompts to depict my younger self, to show what my shakti rising looks like, and to create an image of a heroine, and more.  (btw, this post is unsponsored; I’m just loving all the amazing revelations and juicy creativity that the Creative Leaps course has allowed me!)