A roadmap for Becoming: a love letter to women traversing soul-beckoning transformation

Feb 4, 2020


Sweet love,


please know


becoming unfolds in its own way.


It takes its own time.



You can be trusted with your own becoming.

Your body can be trusted.

Stay present, and be a witness to yourself.

It takes time, and you can’t hurry the process.  Not a thing can be done to hurry the process.

You need good people around you.

There will be a period of not-knowing, and it will be longer than you are comfortable with.

But you can be trusted.  Your body can be trusted.  Your heart knows, your intuition knows.

Perhaps the best practice is to learn to listen.  And heed your own innate wisdom.

Gather your allies.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be quiet.


Know that, actually, you carry every bit of wisdom of

every animal, mineral, bird, tree and rock, and so you

already know how to shed your skin, drop your leaves

and renew.


Release will be necessary.

Surrender is not a demon.

Death is a part of this, not an aberration.

It’s okay to rest.  In fact, in becoming, rest is a skill.  Learn it well.

Also, make something with your hands.  Weave a new story, knit a healing shawl, knead dough and maybe feed a few others too.

Your body will know when it’s time to emerge. Emergence should be done one step at a time, slowly, gently.


You should carry a basket for collecting wisdom,

because you will pick up pebbles and petals of it all

along the way.


Even if the path you are walking is dark.  Trust yourself.  As you place your feet, one in front of the other, feel the earth beneath you.  Does it feel okay?  Okay, proceed.

Trust yourself.

Also, move your body.

Remember, you are an animal.  So: move.  

Use your voice.  Practice speaking, loud and soft, for what you want.

Consider what you want.  

It might look different than what you expected.

You can trust that the woman who emerges through the fire of this crucible will be newly minted, stronger than ever, full of courage and conviction.

Sweet love,



And this:

There is no way out but through.


And when you think you can’t take any more




because you’re almost there.


This is an excerpt from my morning pages journal; a channeled writing that happened when I asked myself, after twelve years of supporting women to become mothers, after five years of coaching women through modern-day rites of passage, and after a good many deep, soul-shifting transformations myself, “what do you know about Becoming?”  Some of these are words I’ve whispered to myself; some are incantations I’ve repeated a thousand times in the ears of birthing mamas; all of these words are a gift for you, especially if you are traversing your own time of becoming right now.